Why I Started The #AskDavid Podcast

I have been listening to and watching podcasts for as long as I can remember. They make up a large percentage of what I consume throughout my week. From daily business podcasts to weekly technology shows, I simply find the podcasting scene to be quite interesting. The idea of learning something new is very exciting to me.

A few podcasts that I enjoy are Smart Passive Income, Internet Business Mastery, and MacBreak Weekly.

But what about being on the other end of the spectrum? Wouldn't it be neat to be the one talking about the material and have others consume it? After all, creating content is something I enjoy immensely, so I figured it was time to take action.

Just last week I launched my first real podcast, The #AskDavid Podcast. And by "real," I'm loosely referring to my previous attempt at podcasting. It simply never took off, due to a variety of factors. If you feel brave enough to give it a listen, then check out the first episode here.

Shifting focus, The #AskDavid Podcast is a Q&A podcast focused around answering questions sent in from listeners. Most questions have to do with finding success in content creation, but I do answer the occasional question that relates to my personal life — but only if I can turn the answer into advice that others find useful.

So, why exactly did I start a podcast?

Besides enjoying podcasts in general, I feel it's important to further branch out my personal brand. Asking questions is something I already love doing on YouTube (see my most recent Ask Me Anything video here), so why not do it in podcast form?

Starting a podcast based on audio questions is also a fantastic way of personally connecting with the people who have made me into the person that I am today. It helps keeps things interesting. And having already received plenty of audio questions, it's nice to put a voice to someone's name.

My distribution strategy for The #AskDavid Podcast is to be in as many places as possible. As of this writing, the podcast is already available on four major platforms: iTunes | Google Play Music | Stitcher | SoundCloud

The podcast is currently hosted on SoundCloud, which is used to share the RSS feed with services like iTunes. As soon as I publish a new episode to SoundCloud, the rest is handled automatically. It's actually a neat process that can teach you a lot about content distribution and how things work.

As of right now, The #AskDavid Podcast does not have a set schedule. However, I am very interested in publishing episodes daily for as long as I can. But of course, this is entirely up to the community and how many questions are actually submitted.

If you are interested in having your question answered on the podcast, feel free to send it to askdavidpodcast@gmail.com