Why Udemy is the Future of Online Education

Having recently published my first course on Udemy, I cannot help but think of the possibilities that the platform presents. Whether you're looking to learn a new skill or educate others with your own information, it's a website that needs to be explored by everyone — no matter your level of expertise.

Udemy makes the process of signing up and enrolling in courses very straightforward. It's often free to get started, which is definitely a nice perk for those who are simply looking to browse and see what kinds of courses are available.

While Udemy is primarily targeted towards everyday users, its many courses are also a convenient medium for training company employees — something that in itself holds a lot of value. Just imagine the amount in spending costs that can be saved by going this route.

Ttaking courses is just half of the big picture. Entrepreneurs and content creators looking for a new revenue stream may be interested in creating a course of their own. Publishing a free course is a seamless process, but going the paid route does require an extra step or two. You must apply to become a Premium Instructor if you're looking to sell enrollment to your courses. The Udemy team usually reviews your application within 24–48 hours.

Depending on a variety of factors, instructors can actually make a decent amount of revenue in return for their hard work. Udemy's Instructor Revenue Share Policy is explained in detail here.

Whether you are looking to learn or teach a particular subject, it's difficult to ignore the potential in Udemy. We encourage you to take action right away. Signing up via my referral link grants you $5 to use on paid courses. You can then share your own referral link to build up your credits.

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