Tweet Faster Using these Keyboard Shortcuts

If using a dedicated Twitter application isn't for you, that doesn't mean you have to miss out on a handful of useful keyboard shortcuts. Yes, that's right — actually has keyboard shortcuts. Who knew?

The following are several keystrokes that you can use to make your Twitter experience a bit faster and more efficient:

N - Compose a new Tweet

R - Reply to a Tweet

F - Favorite a Tweet

T - Retweet a Tweet

M - Send a direct message

U - Mute a user (hides Tweets from your feed without unfollowing the user)

B - Block a user

The above shortcuts only apply to specific actions, but Twitter has a whole slew of others that are worth exploring. This includes shortcuts for navigating between tweets, quickly returning to the homepage, and even accessing your account settings.

A full list of shortcuts can be referenced at any time by pressing Shift + ? on your keyboard, displaying the following menu: