Market Your Brand with YouTube Influencers on FameBit

FameBit, a fairly new startup, is making it easier for YouTube influencers and brands to collaborate with one another in marketing relevant products to an existing audience.

The process is simple. A brand publishes their product in the FameBit marketplace, sets their budget, and supplies any information that is required from the YouTuber who will be participating. And to maintain their budget, the brand has complete control over which YouTubers' proposals to accept.

There are several different types of promotional videos that brands can choose from: Product Review, Haul, Giveaway, Lookbooks, Tutorial, Favorites, and First Impression

Marketing a product or service starts at $100. However, that price can quickly grow depending on the type of promotion agreed upon. For example, a simple giveaway video may sell for just $175, but an in-depth product review can easily go for as much as $750.

Already having worked with major brands like BarkBox and Love With Food, FameBit seems to be off to a great start — and with plenty of room to continue to grow.

For YouTubers who are looking to make a bit of extra cash, joining FameBit is a great opportunity that is worth exploring. It's a relatively new form of video marketing that has the potential to grow into something quite significant.

Brands and YouTubers, if you're interested in learning more, you can sign up for FameBit here.