Introducing Brand Rockt's First Video Course

When Brand Rockt launched a few months ago, my goal was to deliver original content that could help others learn how to successfully create, launch and market their brand. While that goal still remains intact, my content is mostly presented in text form. I'm looking to change that.

Starting today, I am very excited to kick things up a notch and present my first-ever video course. Viewable on either Udemy or YouTube, this course consists of 10 lectures, as well as a bonus course lesson. A breakdown can be seen below:

Create a Successful Online Brand
1. Find Your Niche
2. Purchase Web Hosting
3. Install WordPress
4. Select a WordPress Theme
5. Create Your Content

Launch and Market Your Brand
1. Review Your Content for Errors
2. Create an Email List
3. Set Up Google Analytics
4. Create Your Social Media Accounts
5. Launch and Promote

Bonus: Free Website Promotion
1. Creators Showcase
2. Feature Your Website

This video course directly reflects my Getting Started and Ready for Launch guides, but it also offers the added benefit of interacting with the content and taking action. And factoring in the bonus course is your chance to promote your hard work for free — something that is quite difficult to come by nowadays.

As with anything on Brand Rockt, I take a lot of pride in giving away my content. This is made possible by generating revenue via my Bluehost affiliate link, as described in the video course. I appreciate your support!