Increase Your Page Views by Auto Sharing Content

Multiplying your website's page views is easier than you may think. This is especially apparent if you already have a decent following on social media. It simply comes down to how you go about the process. Thankfully, it's incredibly simple — and for the most part, free.

I prefer to use Revive Old Post, a WordPress plugin that you can download here.

Once installed, Revive Old Post enables you to automatically share your website's content to Twitter, Facebook and more. With the option to customize which posts are shared and how often, this plugin has already become an essential in my lineup of plugins to recommend.

Because posts can be shared at different intervals (usually in hours), this means that your website's content is guaranteed to attract new visitors throughout the day. As a matter of fact, Brand Rockt's daily traffic has already multiplied. It's nice knowing that my content is being shared even when I am away from the computer.

If you're like me, then you will probably want to include images when sharing your content. After all, images are proven to attract more attention. Fortunately, Revive Old Posts lets you include images with your posts. The only catch? It's not free. Upgrading to the pro version costs $49, but it's totally worth it.