How to Launch a Successful Udemy Course

Considering Udemy already features more than 25,000 courses to enroll in, it's difficult to ignore how saturated the platform has become. If you're an instructor, this means that you have to stand out from other creators -- especially if your course subject has been done before.

Keep the following tips in mind and your course is guaranteed to attract additional traffic, no matter how much experience you have as an instructor.

Use an original course title

Chances are good that your course subject isn't the first of its kind. Try to use an original title that not only stands out, but is also clear and to the point. Apply commonly used keywords to your title, that way it has the potential to rank highly in search results.

Design an eye-catching course graphic

Publishing courses on Udemy is no different than publishing videos on YouTube, at least when it comes to putting the content out there for others to discover. Next to your course's title, the most important thing you can do is design a graphic that instantly grabs attention.

Creating a well-designed course graphic is simple. Use a basic background and a dominant logo that relates to your course subject. Make the focus clear and easy to understand, as if users are quickly scrolling through the search results.

Provide free limited access to your course

If you are creating a paid course, then it's not a bad idea to create a coupon code that will grant a certain amount of students free access. This is an excellent way of getting students onboard with no commitment, so why not take advantage? It's an opportunity that can quickly put your course on the map, while gaining search rank in the process.

Encourage users to post course reviews

Assuming you already have a few students enrolled in your course, why not ask them to leave a positive review? Doing so increases your course's reputation, which in turn attracts additional students. And before you know it, you'll have students enrolling in your course on a regular basis.

Market your course accordingly

Once your course is properly optimized, it's time to market it via social media and email lists -- or whichever method works best for you. Make it known that your course is available for access. And don't forget to promote free coupon codes. Free promotion can quickly turn into revenue, especially if executed correctly.


Udemy presents content creators with a ton of potential, which is why I am still convinced that it's the future of online education. Whether you're looking to learn something new or teach others something that you are passionate about, Udemy is certainly a platform that cannot be ignored.