How to Increase Your Web Host Affiliate Sales

Promoting a web host through an affiliate program is a great way to generate some extra revenue, especially if you're familiar with the market and you know what customers are looking for. The following are proven methods that should help increase the amount of conversions that you can bring in.

Know the web host

Nothing is more important than knowing the web host that you are trying to sell. It's imperative that you feel confident when selling to potential customers. Be familiar with all the services that are offered. Also, make it known that you're comfortable with the web host and that you are always available to answer any questions that may come up.

Post review articles and videos

Reviews play a critical role in saying whether a customer will purchase a product, and it's no different when it comes time to choosing a reliable web host. It's not a bad idea to post reviews on your blog, even if they contain a few negative points. After all, nothing is perfect. Transparency is important if you want your readers to trust your judgement.

You may also want to consider posting video reviews of a web host. This is especially useful if you decide to go the screencast route. It's a great way of having your viewer follow along, that way they can have an idea of what to expect.

Promote coupons and savings

Web hosts often have coupons that can save customers quite a bit on the final cost. Do not hesitate to share these coupons with your audience. One coupon could easily convert into a few customers. After all, who doesn't enjoy saving money?

Depending on your web host, coupons can usually be found in your affiliate hub. They're also shared via email newsletters, so it doesn't hurt to sign up for a few that interest you.

Offer an exclusive perk

Let's say someone purchases a web hosting package using your affiliate link. Wouldn't it be nice to reward them with a perk of some kind? Well, of course.

What works for me is offering free website promotion for customers who use either of my Bluehost or Squarespace links. Anyone who is trying to build a successful online brand simply cannot turn down page views. After all, quality traffic is hard to come by nowadays. Make it easier for your customer by giving back in some way that can benefit them.


I have been affiliated with a variety of web hosts over the years, so I can say with confidence that the above methods do work. It simply comes down to finding your targeted audience and selling to them effectively.