How to Create a Profitable Ad-free Blog

The days of generating any form of significant advertising revenue via your blog are long gone — at least if you're not receiving thousands of daily impressions. It's the harsh truth that most bloggers need to accept. Blogging is a crowded market and it's only going to become worse as time progresses.

However, that doesn't mean getting paid for your hard work is impossible.  If anything, it's actually easier than you might think. It simply comes down to the kind of content your blog is focused on and how you choose to deliver it. One way to achieve this is to explore affiliate marketing through the use of Amazon Associates.

If you're not already familiar with Amazon Associates, I recommend giving my Recommended Resources page a quick look. There you can access everything you need to learn.

In basic terms, Amazon Associates allows you to link off to Amazon products on your blog and earn a commission for any sales generated. Commission amounts can vary depending on the items you sell, as well as the percentage associated with a specific product category. For instance, video game sales generate only a 1.00% commission, but selling a pair of headphones can earn you 6.00% in commission. Not bad!

Determining how to integrate Amazon Associates on your blog is the most important part in getting started.  Take the primary focus of your blog's content and break it down into categories that relate to products available on Amazon.

For example, let's say your blog focuses on video games and you're reviewing a new Xbox One game. Post your review as you normally would, but be sure to include an affiliate link to the game itself on Amazon. Now if someone purchases that Xbox One game using your link, that's money in your pocket.

What's really cool about Amazon Associates is how flexible they are with the use of browser cookies. If someone clicks your affiliate link and purchases something else, you still earn a commission — even though they did not purchase the product you originally linked. In other words, your chances of earning revenue just multiplied, and that's why Amazon Associates is so reliable. You never know what kinds of commissions you'll see turn up.

As you become more experienced with Amazon Associates and sell products in higher counts, your percentage in commission will increase. This is not only a nice incentive to link off to products more often, but it's also a great way of familiarizing yourself with other markets. One blog topic could lead to another, allowing for potential revenue in niches that were once unexplored.


Are you interested in creating a website specifically for the purpose of selling products via Amazon? Check out 5 Steps to Creating an Amazon Affiliate Website, an easy-to-reference guide that focuses on how to utilize Amazon Associates and build an online store.