Create an Interactive Video Gallery on WordPress with TubePress

Video is powerful, especially if you're looking to spruce up your website and convince visitors to stay around for an extended period of time. This can be achieved by simply embedding a video or two, but anyone can do that. Why not kick things up a notch and offer something unique?

Enter TubePress, a powerful WordPress plugin that takes video galleries to the next level. Available in two packages, free and paid, TubePress offers a ton of different features worth taking advantage of. A handful of them include:

  • Organized galleries
  • Randomized thumbnails
  • Adjustable height/width of embeds
  • Blacklisted videos
  • Shadowbox support
  • Autoplay videos
  • Customizable description length
  • Filters for explicit content

TubePress works natively with both YouTube and Vimeo videos, allowing for the creation of flexible galleries. While you can download it for free, the $39/year annual plan includes everything you'll ever need. If you're serious about embedding videos on your website, that's not a bad deal.

A live demonstration of TubePress and its interactive video gallery features can be seen here.