5 Notebooks Under $200 that are Great for Blogging

The days of paying for an expensive notebook are now behind us, especially if you're looking to use it for everyday tasks. This includes web browsing, word processing and yep, you guessed it — blogging. There is no better time than now to consider picking up a notebook...

WP Engine: WordPress Hosting Without the Hassle

As part of mynew series, Product Spotlight — a growing collection of products and services relevant to brand development — WP Engine is a web hosting platform built specifically for the purpose of building and managing WordPress-powered websites.

Successfully Sell Your Website on Flippa Using these Tips

Have you heard of Flippa? If not, you might want to check it out. It's an online marketplace filled with a ton of interesting websites, domain names and even mobile apps — all available for sale. Think of it as an eBay built exclusively for entrepreneurs and content creators. It's a great...

This is the Easiest Way to Install Google Analytics on WordPress

If you're running a website, and you most likely are, then you need Google Analytics installed. This is without a doubt the easiest and most powerful way of tracking your website's visitors, where they're coming from, and so much more.

What's the Deal with Fiverr?

Having launched not too long ago in 2010, Fiverr is an online marketplace that offers a wide variety of products and services starting at just $5. Referred to as Gigs, these five-dollar jobs can be created by sellers or purchased by buyers. In other words, everyone has the...