Why Hosted Email is Important for Your Brand

When setting up a new email account, you typically have the option of going one of two routes. The more popular route is signing up for an email service like Gmail and Yahoo! Mail, which are both great. But what if you'd rather have more control over your email, especially if branding is important to you? This is where hosted email comes in.

Bluehost offers a variety of hosting plans, with Shared Hosting being the most affordable. And best of all, no matter which hosting plan you choose, it always includes hosted email. Even if you go the cheapest route with the Starter plan, you are still getting access to 100 email accounts — which is plenty for individuals, startups and small business.

So how can going the route of hosted email benefit your brand?

Firstly, it comes down to the convenience of being able to use your own domain name. For example, I am currently using contact@bluresource.com as my primary email account for BluResource. Not only does this appear more professional than using something like Gmail, but it also gives me control over specific aspects of the account.

Another benefit of using hosted email is the ability to scale as your brand grows. As I mentioned earlier, simply going with Bluehost's Starter hosting plan instantly gives you access to 100 email accounts. That is more than enough for most users and makes it very easy to add new accounts over time.

And finally, let's talk about spam control for a moment. When you decide to not use a popular service like Gmail, you're essentially shielding yourself from large amounts of spam — which is something I experience on a daily basis with my primary Gmail account. I never receive spam on any of my Bluehost-powered email accounts. That's huge.

If you're interested in getting started with hosted email, I highly recommend giving Bluehost a try. It's not only affordable, but also quite reliable. Click here to get started.