Protect Your Bluehost Website from Hackers with SiteLock

Running a secure website is important, especially if that website just happens to power your business. And let's face it, this is most likely the case. So why run the risk?

With security exploits becoming more apparent nowadays, it's imperative that your website receives the proper protection it deserves. Thankfully, Bluehost offers something called SiteLock — a collection of products and services that can help protect your website from hackers, security holes and more.

A brief rundown of features can be seen below:

  • daily malware protection scan
  • official SiteLock website badge
  • vulnerability scan
  • fully automated malware removal
  • file change monitoring
  • database SQL scanning
  • targeted attack blocking
  • and more...

SiteLock runs for about $30/year, which is the same monthly price that I pay for Wufoo — a completely unrelated product, but that should give you a good idea of the kind of value you're receiving.

Additional information on SiteLock can be found here.