Get Over $200 in Advertising Offers

On top of all the other features that Bluehost has to offer, all new hosting accounts include a very nice perk — $200+ in credits for a variety of advertising platforms. This includes Google, Bing, Facebook and others that you will want to take advantage of.

Your website's content is the most important aspect that you should be focusing on, but what's the use if you are not able to generate any sort of traffic? That's where these free credits can have a significant impact.

Creating an advertising campaign on platforms like Google AdWords enables you to target a specific demographic, thus bringing in organic traffic. This is especially useful if your website's primary motivator is to generate revenue. And let's face it — when revenue is involved, every click matters.

Before advertising your website, it's important that you do some proper research. I suggest starting here and seeing where things take you. And because your first ads are free, this gives you the freedom of choosing whichever platform you're most comfortable with.

Do you need help with advertising your website? Contact me and we'll get a dialogue going.