Why Unboxing Videos Continue to Dominate YouTube


Chances are pretty good that you've come across one of many unboxing videos on YouTube and thought to yourself, "I don't get it. What's the big deal?" And actually, that's a great question. What is the big deal?

The idea of opening a box to show the product inside can't be all that exciting, right? Even Ellen spent five minutes on live TV comically questioning unboxing videos and whether they serve any kind of real purpose. Just watch the video below.

To answer my last question, yes — unboxing videos can be exciting. And sometimes they can be boring. It really depends on a variety of factors.

First and foremost, what is the product that's being unboxed? If it's the latest iPhone, then you can count on it catching on rather quickly. The same can be said for any kind of popular consumer electronic, especially if the video is uploaded close to the product's release date.

Timing is crucial if you're looking for an unboxing video to immediately become a hit, and that's exactly one of the reasons why they are so well received. The excitement of learning more about a new product is kind of like that feeling of waking up on Christmas morning — at least to technology enthusiasts like myself it is.

Making unboxing videos can also have quite the positive impact on a creator's brand. Because view counts can vary so much on YouTube, it certainly doesn't hurt to give unboxings a try. You never know what idea will take off. For example, one of my most popular videos of all time is my iPhone 6s unboxing. That video seemed to blow up over night, and it's still bringing in daily views.

Another thing that makes unboxings so interesting is the hands-on factor. Not only is it convenient for the potential customer (the viewer) to know what's included in the box, but witnessing some first impressions can also add a nice layer of value.

Is the product heavy? Does it work as advertised? How is the build quality? These are questions that are important to those considering a purchase. A creator's opinion could very well be the deciding factor on whether something is worth it.

And lastly, unboxings are fun. For creators like myself, they are a joy to make. You have the opportunity of opening a shiny new gadget and showing your excitement for your viewers to enjoy. If you ask me, that's a damn good reason to continue in contributing to the unboxing takeover that has been happening on YouTube for as long as I can remember.