Use the Patreon Mobile App to Track Your Campaign

Managing your Patreon campaign can be a lot of work. From keeping track of your patrons’ pledges to following up with new and original content, there is always plenty to keep you busy. To make this experience a little less cumbersome, I recommend turning to the official Patreon app — available on phones running iOS and Android.

The Patreon app allows creators to do a variety things, right from the convenience of their phones. My personal favorite is the “Creator posts” screen, which displays everything you’ve created and shared with your patrons.

Also available is a “Notifications” tab. This is an activity feed broken down by days. Each day displays how many comments your posts have received, as well as the number of likes. This data is an excellent way of seeing who is interacting the most and which posts stand out amongst others.

If you are not yet a patron and you’re looking for someone to support, the “Discover” tab is great way to find new creators that may interest you. Posts are even broken down into categories, making the search process easy for the user. Categories include the following: Video & Film, Music, Writing, Comics, Drawing & Painting, Animation, Podcasts, Games, Photography, Comedy, Science, Education, Crafts & DIY, and Dance & Theater

In addition to the “Home” feed and the ability to customize your profile, the Patreon app has more than enough to offer. Of course, it is completely free to use. Unfortunately, at the time of this post, there is no tablet (specifically iPad) version available, but here’s to hoping.