Tour My New Personal Website in Beautiful Quad HD Resolution

Just over two weeks ago, I rolled out a completely new design for my personal website — one that is radically different from any design I have introduced in the past. This new design feels a lot more streamlined, to the point, and overall more clean. As I usually do, I published an in-depth post detailing all that is new.

Going the route of minimalism has allowed me to focus most of the visitors' attention on the site's content and less on things that are typically distracting. A great example of this mindset is the new cover page, which acts as the homepage. Navigating to now displays a simple one-page layout that gives visitors a brief overview of who I am as a content creator, as well as brand influencer.

To enter the website and see its content, all you need to do is click the 'Enter My Website' button and you're in. Easy, right?

Of course, this is only a small percentage of everything the new design has to offer. The website features so much content to explore, including an all-new Videos page — and even a page dedicated to my photography, which is broken down into categories of cameras I used for specific photos.

But why talk about it on here when you can just watch a full video tour in beautiful Quad HD resolution? Check out the 12-minute walkthrough right below. I am always open to feedback, so do not hesitate to contact me.

And finally, that Patreon page you likely saw in the tour? As mentioned in the video, that's temporary. It will soon redirect to its own website. I'm excited about its launch on March 3rd. I will have plenty more information to share in the coming days. Click here to check it out early!