The Best Royalty-Free Music for YouTubers


If there is one proven method that can significantly improve the style of your videos, it's implementing royalty-free music. Whether you're looking to add an entire soundtrack or just a bit of background melody, going this route can be quite effective and really give your video content some new life.

Of course, being a YouTuber, you probably know by now that finding usable music that is royalty-free is not exactly easy. And by usable, I mean good. Websites like Incompetech are great, but you've probably heard that music elsewhere — especially considering how popular specific services have become.

Wouldn't it be nice to stand out?

Look no further than Epidemic Sound. Simply put, this is the best royalty-free music library I have ever come across. Not only is there a song choice for pretty much every video idea imaginable, but the site is actually broken down into albums, categories and even moods. If you're looking to portray a specific vibe in a video, then Epidemic Sound has you covered.

My favorite thing about Epidemic Sound is the fact that it's built with YouTubers in mind. When working on a particular project, the site allows you to organize tracks into playlists. This was especially useful when I was browsing tracks to use for my newest montage video that I put together, as seen below.

The only downside about Epidemic Sound? It's not free for everyone. Once the 30-day free trial expires, signing up via the YouTube Creator Subscription grants you unlimited access for $12/month. If you're serious about making quality video content, then perhaps it's worth the price of admission.

However, for my fellow Fullscreen Creators, I have some good news. When joining the Fullscreen network, you get instant access to everything Epidemic Sound has to offer — all for completely free. This is one huge benefit that I really enjoy as a Fullscreen Creator. Having access to thousands of high quality music tracks is truly great.

I cannot express enough how much I appreciate this perk. It makes the creative process so much easier and more streamlined, rather than having to waste time looking through other music libraries.

Becoming a Fullscreen Creator is free, but you do need to apply. Click here if you're interested! Using that link lets them know that you're signing up through me. Provided you are offered a membership, I encourage you to read over your contract carefully before doing anything. This is important when signing up for any network.

And finally, if you have any videos that use a unique soundtrack, feel free to share them below!