Safari Users, You Need this Amazon Affiliate Plugin


If you’re a Mac user like myself and you enjoy promoting Amazon affiliate links, then you need this free plugin for Safari. It’s called Affiliatizer and it works wonders.

Affiliatizer, a name that is apparently difficult to type, is a browser plugin that automatically rewrites Amazon links to include your Amazon Associates affiliate code — a small string of characters that gives you a percentage of the sale from referrals.

For those who prefer to work with several codes, Affiliatizer supports up to three. This is perfect if one computer is shared by several people, such as in a small business or family household.

If you’re not a Mac user, or you simply do not prefer to use Safari, then you might enjoy Amazing Affiliate Link, a free plugin for Chrome. I haven’t used it myself, but judging from the screenshots and positive reviews, it seems to get the job done.

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