Nintendo Switch: Two Months Later

Can you believe it's already been two months since the Nintendo Switch saw its worldwide debut? Nintendo's latest console has been selling like crazy — so crazy that it's still hard to come by in retail stores. I've only seen it in stock twice at my local Target. Needless to say, the Switch is certainly an early success. But more importantly, how are the games?

Much to my surprise, the Switch is holding my attention quite well. I only say that because I thought for sure after beating The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, I would find myself wanting more. My experience lately has been the opposite.

As of today, I currently own eight physical Switch games, all of which can be seen right below. Click on any of the box arts to learn more on Amazon. You can also view my collection on Kit.

Some may argue that the Switch could have used more games at launch. While I'm not exactly going to disagree, I will say that I am very happy with the current lineup. This is especially true with the recent release of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. The game is simply huge and has so much to offer. Add my friend code if you'd like to race sometime: 0233-1549-0132

And then there's the eShop, which seems to have blown up overnight. While I have yet to purchase many digital games, the convenience is definitely nice. It's a great chance to experience all types of games, old and new. I've been thinking about buying World of Goo, which I enjoyed on PC years ago. The ability to revisit that game on the Switch is certainly tempting.

So, how's the actual hardware? As a couch gamer, I am very pleased. I rarely find myself playing the Switch in portable mode, but knowing I always have that option is definitely awesome. You can't say the same about other consoles, that's for sure. Battery life could be improved, but I see this happening at some point down the line with future hardware revisions.

Performance overall has been great. I did experience the occasional frame rate drops when playing Zelda, but it was never to the extent where my gameplay was affected. All other games, however, have been running perfectly — particularly Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, which runs in 1080p at a smooth 60p.

There is one system flaw that's been bothering me since launch, and Nintendo has yet to address this. It's the home screen. While the Switch's menu UI design is beautiful, the resolution is not 1080p. This needs to be resolved. The Switch is literally mirroring what is shown on the console itself, without any form of upscaling. The Wii U displays its home screen in full 1080p, so why can't the Switch do the same?

The above complaint may seem like I am nitpicking, but I think it's fair and valid. It's especially noticeable if you are gaming on a 4K TV, which is already upscaling as it is. Nintendo, I love what you guys are doing with the Switch, but please fix this.

As someone who has owned every major Nintendo console since the NES days, my two-month experience with the Switch has been overall very pleasing. The console obviously has a ways to go in regards to first-party and third-party titles, but if you're curious about what the Switch has to offer now, just buy one. You'll be glad you did. I know I am.