How My Patreon Campaign is Helping Promote Other Creators


When I originally had the idea of creating a website specifically for my Patreon campaign, I knew I wanted to dedicate a page to those patrons who contribute within a specific pledge tier. After all, it's because of my patrons and their ongoing support that I am even able to run a successful campaign in the first place. It's about time I step things up a bit, and that's just what the introduction of has allowed me to do.

One of the key features with this new website is the Patrons Showcase — an organized grid of links presented by patrons who pledge at least $10/month. While these links can relate to anything of interest, I do recommend using the showcase as an opportunity to give yourself a bit of exposure. For example, the majority of patrons are currently promoting either their YouTube channels or direct links to their websites.

Joining the Patrons Showcase is easy. All you need to do is make your pledge, fill out the form that is emailed to you, and I take care of the rest. A short description of the respective link is provided for all patrons, as well as a small graphic that is used to grab attention for anyone who visits the page.

But of course, that's not it. When have I ever been known to stop at just one thing? Very rarely, that's for sure. My Patreon campaign is important to me, as are my patrons, so I want to make sure the experience is all around a positive one.

In addition to being featured in the Patrons Showcase, patrons have the option of exploring other promotional opportunities when pledging. Depending on which pledge tier is chosen, the following perks are currently available:

  • Invite to the private Facebook group, which allows the sharing of links with other patrons
  • Linked in the video descriptions on all future videos of mine on YouTube
  • Featured in my monthly "Patreon Update" blog series
  • Link of choice on my Patreon profile, which is known to help with search engine ranking
  • Monthly 2-minute video promotion on my YouTube channel

So, are you interested in getting the word out? Become a patron today and watch the magic happen! A simple $5/month can go a long way. It's one of the most affordable methods of advertising available.