How I'm Preparing for Daily Vlogging


Now that my 10-year anniversary of being on YouTube as "thecreativeone" has come and gone, it's time to think about the future of my channel. Sure, I could easily play it safe and continue doing what has worked for so long, but where's the fun in that?

As noted on Facebook not too long ago, I've decided to make the biggest change to my YouTube channel yet — and that's to give daily vlogging a try. Well, at least for the month of August. It's something I have been quite curious about lately, so I figured why not do it a on trial basis? I would much rather try than not try at all.

Because daily vlogging is new territory to me, I have to approach things carefully. Below are a few pointers that I will be keeping in mind. If you are also thinking about giving daily vlogging a shot, then perhaps my advice can be found useful.

Keep things fresh and interesting.

Look, I've been vlogging since the beginning. I understand how things work and what my audience typically enjoys the most. But to upload a new vlog every single day? It's definitely going to be quite challenging, especially if it means holding the attention of so many viewers — including potential new subscribers.

While my personality is obviously not going to change, I am looking to give the overall production quality of my vlogging style a nice boost. This means taking advantage of Fullscreen's audio libraries, trying out new and unique camera angles, and getting the community involved on a more regular basis.

More community involvement?

You bet. Community is going to be a significant focus throughout my daily vlogging trial. I want to get viewers more involved and engaged in conversations. These vlogs need to feel like a seamless connection between the creator and the audience.

I plan on going about this by answering questions submitted via Twitter and Facebook, as well as any other social media platforms that feel necessary. Whether I'll be dedicating Q&A sessions to a single day of the week or I'll be doing it on a random basis, that remains to be seen. That's what is so great about vlogging every day — anything goes.

But what about the longer vlogs?

Yes, it's true. When my daily vlogs are introduced, my weekend vlogs and patrons-only vlogs will be taking a break. This may seem unfortunate, but you have my word that I will be doing my best to keep most of you happy. Obviously I cannot keep everyone happy, but at least I can give it my best.

However, the introduction of daily vlogs doesn't necessarily mean that all my longer vlogs have to fade away. If I go away somewhere for a few days (such as Driftwood Too) and I think that a weekend vlog is appropriate, then I will go that route. The daily vlogs will simply go on hiatus from that Friday and into Sunday. In other words, weekend vlog it is!

Patreon will help.

Because I expect a little bit of backlash from my patrons (due to taking a break from the exclusive vlogs), I want to give my Patreon campaign some nice exposure. Each daily vlog will conclude with an end card that has a clickable button and some brief information on how to become a patron.

I think going this route could be quite effective. It's also non-obtrusive. As you probably know, I take a lot of pride in not overly pushing my Patreon campaign. If someone feels the need to pledge, then that's awesome. Otherwise, I'm not going to hold it against them.

As the daily vlogs progress, I plan on thinking of ways to improve my Patreon campaign — which means introducing new pledge tiers and rewards. That part could take a little while, though.

And finally, feedback is critical.

I would be lying to you if I said I am 100% confident in daily vlogging. I'm actually very nervous about it, and that doesn't happen too often with my video content. Again, this is new territory to me, so I feel like there is a lot of pressure to do things right.

To make things easier, I kindly ask my subscribers to be brutally honest with me. If something doesn't feel right, let me know. Contact me with details in regards to what you're enjoying and not enjoying. Your feedback is critical, especially if it means making daily vlogs a regular thing.

So, here we go... Let's give this a shot. Your support means a lot to me!