How Apple is Using Facebook Video to Attract Customers


Apple is a company that I have the utmost respect for. In my eyes, they're a premium brand that can get away with making some bold moves — including killing a technology standard that has been around for more than a lifetime. Yep, I'm talking about the removal of the headphone jack.

There are some truly unhappy customers out there, and rightfully so. Sure, this change doesn't necessarily affect me all that much, but it's certainly going to have a lasting effect for at least the next two years.

So, how is Apple combatting all this negative backlash? It's simple, really. They're going in strong with their marketing and advertising. Rather than focusing on what they've taken away from their customers, they are making it known that the iPhone 7 is a completely new device — one that is packed with a ton of useful features, including dual rear-facing cameras on the iPhone 7 Plus. This feature alone even has me interested, and I've always thought 5.5-inch phones were too large.

Last night I came across an extremely well-edited video on Facebook. In just 107 seconds, Apple shows off their brand new phone, alongside the Apple Watch Series 2. If you haven't seen it yet, check out the ad below:

This is interesting to me because Apple isn't typically all that active on Facebook. I do recall seeing an ad or two for the iPhone 6s this time last year, but before that, they were usually pretty quiet.

It's nice to see Apple taking advantage of Facebook as a video sharing platform. Just take a look at the video above. As of this writing, it already has over 28 million views — and the iPhone 7 was barely announced 24 hours ago.

Of course, it's worth noting that direct competitors of Apple are also taking action. I'm often seeing video ads for the Surface Pro, which Microsoft is using as an opportunity to go head-to-head with Apple's iPad Pro.

Is Facebook turning into the modern day television? This certainly feels like the beginning of something huge. But in the meantime, while you think about that, feel free to watch my video review of Apple's iPhone 7 event: