Everything I'm Pre-Ordering for the Nintendo Switch Launch


Nintendo's latest gaming console, the Nintendo Switch, is just weeks away from making its worldwide debut on March 3rd. Millions of gamers such as myself are anticipating the big day, as this will be a significant release for Nintendo. Seeing as how stores like Amazon and Best Buy are already accepting pre-orders for the console itself (currently sold out), as well as games and accessories, there's no reason why you cannot get an early start.

The following is a breakdown of everything that I've pre-ordered for the Switch. Feel free to use these items as a guide on what to order for yourself. After all, this is a big launch, so let's make it count!

Nintendo Switch Console (Neon)

Much to my surprise, Best Buy's website was taking pre-orders before Amazon did. Not wanting to take the chance of missing out, I just had to pre-order the Switch — regardless of my feelings towards Best Buy. I wanted to go with something different than my usual taste in simplicity, so I chose the neon configuration.

Nintendo Switch Console (Gray)

Once Amazon's pre-order page went live, I noticed only the gray configuration was available. While I preferred to go the neon route, I couldn't pass up the opportunity. So, without giving it a second thought, I instantly pre-ordered the Switch. Yes, two Switch consoles. If both do arrive on launch day, then I'll make a decision in regards what to do with the second.

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

While the Switch Pro Controller may not be the most affordable product in Nintendo's accessory lineup, it certainly grabs my attention for being more traditional than the Joy-Con controllers. Featuring all the face buttons and triggers any gamer will ever need, it seems to be worth the $70 price tag. This is especially true considering its 40-hour battery life.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

No gamer in their right mind can buy the Switch without also purchasing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild to go along with it. Easily the Switch's most anticipated launch title, this is sure to keep me busy for a while — at least until Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is released in late April.

Super Bomberman R

You know, it's been years since I have played a Bomberman game. Since what, the SNES days? I'm not even totally sure, to be perfectly honest. All I know is I'm excited to jump into the world of Super Bomberman R. And according to gamers who have been lucky enough to play the game, its story mode is quite enjoyable.

PDP Premium Console Case

For those days when I'll prefer to play my Switch on the go, it's going to be wise to bring along a trustworthy carrying case. After all, the Switch can be viewed as a $300 portable at times, so having some sort of protection feels necessary. This particular case from PDP is officially licensed by Nintendo, and it holds up to 14 game cards.

Of course, I'm not finished just yet. If you're interested in learning more about my hype for the Nintendo Switch, check out the video below. What are your plans for the big day?