Create Beautiful Calligraphy with Zen Brush 2


Zen Brush 2 is one of the few creative apps available on iOS that doesn’t require the user to have artistic ability. Sure, it doesn’t hurt to know what you are doing, but that’s the beauty of painting with calligraphy. Put the brush to a canvas and see what happens.

When you first open the app, you will notice right away that Zen Brush 2 is very light on features. This is intentional, as it encourages you to focus on the large canvas and the limited tools available. There are two colors to work with (black and red), three brush types (dry, std and wet) and the ability to adjust the intensity of the brush — including its size.

Of course, the app also includes an eraser tool. However, I recommend trying to refrain from using it. The idea of Zen Brush 2, as far as I'm aware, is to lose yourself in the app and simply relax.

If the default white canvas isn’t your preference, tap the rectangle icon in the bottom-right corner and you’ll be presented with an extensive amount of templates to have fun with. From Japanese paper to a variety of decorative frames, Zen Brush 2 includes plenty to keep you busy.

And finally, the Apple Pencil is fully supported, making the experience even more rewarding. Pressure sensitivity works great and really adds a lot of depth, allowing for some truly remarkable works of art.

Selling for just $2.99, Zen Brush 2 is easily worth it. The app is also universal, meaning you only have to pay once to use it across all your iOS devices. Although, it’s a must-have for iPad Pro users.