101 Unique Ways to Boost Your Creativity

Unless you are a creative genius, chances are pretty good that you have caught yourself staring into dead space when trying to think of your next big idea. This is perfectly normal, especially in the creative space. Whether you're a graphic designer or painting is your profession, we all hit creative roadblocks now and then.

How we go about overcoming these roadblocks is completely relative. Some creators find that a simple stroll through the park can get their creative juices flowing again, while others may have a hard time simply feeling motivated. Having the urge to make this process easier for all creators involved, I wanted to do something about it.

So, I wrote a book. Well, it's an eBook — and a rather short one at that. Actually, it's more of a motivational list. This list contains 101 unique ways (methods) that can help boost your creativity, no matter your profession.

At first, I was thinking that 101 is such a large number. How was I going to think of so many methods that can help others? Well, it was difficult, but I worked my way through it. Doing so may have taken a few weeks longer than I expected, but I got it done.

Of course, I wanted "101 Unique Ways to Boost Your Creativity" to reach as many creators as possible, so I opted to make the eBook completely free. If you have not downloaded your copy yet, all you need to do is input your email address in the right sidebar and it's yours! The eBook will automatically be sent to your inbox.

Click here to download your free copy of "101 Unique Ways to Boost Your Creativity"

Click here to download your free copy of "101 Unique Ways to Boost Your Creativity"

If you are curious about what the eBook has to offer, below are a few random selections that you may find interesting:

  • Start a personal blog and write for 30 days straight.
  • Take a photo of something close to you, but from a unique perspective.
  • Write your name in stylized calligraphy.

Because creativity can be discovered in a variety of ways, I chose to be quite diverse when writing this eBook. You will quickly pick up on that when coming across some methods that may seem a little... unique. But then again, what's stopping you from trying something new?

And finally, the eBook is in PDF format, meaning that you can read it on pretty much any phone or tablet imaginable. I am also considering creating an audiobook version at some point in the future, which I think could be neat. If that happens, then you'll be the first to know — but only if you are signed up for my email list.